Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Gas analysis solutions in the food industry

As consumer demand for freshness and longevity in the food and beverage industry increases, so does the importance of implementing quality control and product preservation methods.

The vast majority of food products available in supermarkets today will have gas introduced within the production process or stored within modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). Certain gases enveloping meat or vegetables for example, will aid longevity and extend freshness.

Cambridge Sensotec has been working with the food and beverage industry for many years and offer several solutions to monitor MAP and also leak detection equipment. These solutions include:

Rapidox 1100Z Oxygen Gas Analyser
A fast and highly accurate single gas analyser designed for measuring low ppm oxygen, ideal for applications where the requirement is to analyse and confirm the removal of oxygen content within your process or packaging.

Rapidox 3100 Dual and Triple Gas Analyser
A high precision multigas analyser for measuring a combination of oxygen and other gases including, carbon dioxide, moisture or carbon monoxide. Suitable for the pre-production process, the Rapidox 3100 can be used to analyse and help maintain a combination of gases within food or containers.

Standard features on the Rapidox analyses include fully programmable alarm circuits, programmable analogue outputs (0-10V and 4-20mA), easy calibration (user selectable gases), RS232 / RS485 communications and complete data-logging software. Useful for integrating into a production process and imperative for food health standards traceability in being able to record incremental date stamped data for quality control record keeping.

Oxybaby Hand-held Portable MAP Analyser
Cambridge Sensotec also supply the WITT Oxybaby, an O2 (dual gas CO2 model also available) packing gas analyser specifically designed for the measurement of headspace within modified atmospheres in food packaging (MAP).

DynaSNACK Package Leak Detection Equipment
The new DynaSNACK leak tester from Dynascan is a very effective, simple and easy to use leak detection solution designed for detecting leaks in food and drink packaging. Excellent for increasing product lifespan and avoiding unnecessary production wastage. For more information on the DynaSNACK, please email or phone +44 (0)1480 462142.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Rapidox 5100 Multigas Analyser

Biogas is a renewable energy source created during Anaerobic digestion. This occurs when the organic materials naturally break down in the absence of oxygen. The gas is formed from the digestion of waste materials such as manure, sewage sludge and other biomass substrates such as crop and food production waste. Controlling waste disposal, methane production and usage is vital to ensure the continuity benefits for the environment.

Built as a truly portable field gas analyser with laboratory functionality, the Rapidox 5100 Multigas Analyser is a high specification instrument designed for the analysis, control and monitoring of gas within biogas, syngas, anaerobic digestion and fermentation processes. Due to the range of high precision gas sensors, up to six gases can be measured concurrently including CO2, CO, H2O, O2, C2H4, SO2, CH4, H2 and H2S amongst others. When configured for applications where the gases contain energy (e.g. Biogas, Syngas) the calorific value of the gas sample is determined using thermodynamic calculations and simultaneously logged and displayed on-screen.

Equipped with a 7″ (180mm) full-colour touch screen interface with soft menu keys and an 8-hour lithium-ion battery, all data is continuously logged. With a minimum of 12 months’ continuous data storage, the Excel compatible data can be downloaded via a USB memory stick.

Cambridge Sensotec also offers a range of Rapidox servicing options. To increase measurements and reliability, regular gas analyser calibrations are recommended. Cambridge Sensotec is well adapted to calibrate Rapidox gas analysers accurately and efficiently for your processes.

For more information or to request a quote for the Rapidox 5100, please email or phone +44 (0)1480 462142.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Is your oxygen analysis accurate?

With the Rapidox 2100 zirconia oxygen analyser, sub-ppm measurements to 30% of oxygen gas can be analysed rapidly and accurately. The robust remote sensor, connected via a 2-metre cable*, can be placed within the heart of the application, providing 24/7 of reliable gas analysis. Gas temperatures of up to 600°C can be analysed by the sensor, with an additional Type K thermocouple providing independent temperature measurements. Auxiliary sensors can be added to suit the application for pressure or dew point.

An alternative to the zirconia sensor is an optional remote electrochemical oxygen sensor available for measuring 0 – 100% oxygen. Electrochemical sensors are ideal for applications where VOC’s or flammable gases are present in the gas sample. The electrochemical oxygen sensor is housed within a stainless-steel bulkhead, together with an integrated pressure sensor which compensates for small changes in gas pressure to ensure that the readings remain stable.

The Rapidox 2100 is available in a bench mounted configuration, or with a bezel front panel to incorporate the instrument within a rack.  Additionally, the Rapidox 2100 can be supplied within a wall mountable, IP65 weatherproof housing. The zirconia sensor can then be positioned remotely up to 26 metres away either in a separate cabinet or as a standalone sensor. For customers requiring seamless integration into their product or process, the Rapidox can also be supplied as an OEM solution.

Standard features on all models include two fully programmable alarm circuits (volt free contacts), programmable analogue outputs (0-10V and 4-20mA), easy calibration (user selectable gases), RS232 / RS485 communications and complete data-logging software.

Ideal applications can include: Additive manufacturing, combustion, glove boxes, inert gas blanketing, manufacturing processes and metal heat treatment facilities.

Latest update: The Rapidox 2100 oxygen gas analyser is undergoing an upgrade and redesign in line with the new Rapidox 1100 model launched last year. Equipped with updated features, such as a new OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screen and updated superior zirconia planar sensor providing faster and more accurate trace oxygen measurements, the Rapidox 2100 also includes new blue fascia making it easier to identify from other equipment in your workplace. The new Rapidox 2100 oxygen gas analyser will be announced in the Summer 2017.

*Other lengths of cable are available on request.

For more information regarding the launch of the redesigned Rapidox 2100, please call our sales team for more information on +44 (0)1480 462142 or by emailing

Friday, 16 December 2016

Season’s Greetings from Cambridge Sensotec

This year has been another fantastic year for us and we thank you all for your continued support and custom. We wish you every success for the New Year, and we look forward to working together again in 2017.
Please note that during the seasonal period, our offices will be closed from the 24th December, and will reopen on Tuesday 3rd January 2017. Should you require any technical assistance during this period, please email:
For information on delivery schedules throughout December on both our Rapidox gas analysers and gas detection instruments, please contact us on +44 (0)1480 462142 or email

New Rapidox 1100 Oxygen Gas Analyser

The new redesigned Rapidox 1100 oxygen gas analyser is now available to pre-order from December 2016 for delivery in January 2017!
The Rapidox 1100 gas analyser is available with a choice of oxygen sensors designed for measuring ppm levels to 100% gas, within inert atmospheres or gases containing VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), suiting a wide range of applications. For example; gloveboxes, welding, solder reflow ovens, additive manufacturing and metal heat treatment amongst others.
Benefitting from over 15 years of reliable and accurate service, the company’s best-selling and versatile instrument has undergone a redesign including exciting new features such as:
  • An updated superior zirconia planar sensor providing faster and more accurate trace oxygen measurements, maintaining the desired levels oxygen in your process. The internal pressure sensor compensates for small changes in gas pressure to ensure that the readings remain stable. A powerful long-life pump draws in a gas sample at a flow rate set by the user between 0-1 litres per minute.
  • A four-line OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display that delivers improved visibility from every angle with four lines of information displayed, making the Rapidox 1100 easy to identify in laboratories, manufacturing plants or test facilities due to its new dynamic blue fascia design.
  • Now incorporating the Modbus RTU (remote terminal unit) data communications, ideal for when used in conjunction with a PLC (process logic controller) or other external control systems.
  • With the use of an Ethernet to serial adaptor, the Rapidox can now be connected directly to a network and accessed remotely via a PC in the same network or over the internet. The Rapidox software operates the Rapidox as if it were connected directly to the PC. This is particularly useful; for applications where the analyser is based in a remote laboratory and needs to be monitored from another part of the building or anywhere with an internet connection.
Standard features on all models include two fully programmable alarm circuits (volt free contacts), programmable analogue outputs (0-10V and 4-20mA), easy calibration, RS232 / RS485 / Modbus communications and comprehensive instrument control / data-logging software.
We are confident the new Rapidox 1100 will appeal to all our customers, existing and new. Please call our sales team for more information on +44 (0)1480 462142 or by emailing

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The Rapidox 7100 - A Highly Specified Gas Analysis Instrument

The Rapidox 7100 - A Highly Specified Gas Analysis Instrument  

The Rapidox 7100 Multigas Analyser is a high precision instrument designed for analysing, controlling and monitoring process gas. Equipped with a touchscreen control, fully configurable gas sensors, alarms and outputs, the 19” rack mountable gas analyser is one of the most highly specified products manufactured by Cambridge Sensotec.

With the ability to measure up to six gases simultaneously, applications for this instrument vary from many industries such as; monitoring, emissions, water treatment processes, medical research, environmental monitoring, R&D, metal heat treatment, gas handling, production and semiconductor manufacturing.
The sensors within the Rapidox 7100 Multigas Analyser are specifically designed and calibrated to avoid any cross interference effects with other background gases in the process, ensuring safety with the inclusion of flashback arrestors where required. Infra-red, long-life electrochemical, thermal conductivity and ceramic tile are some of the gas sensor technologies available. The modular design allows for bespoke gas sensor combinations, including, CO2, CO, H2O, O2, C2H4, SO2, CH4, H2 and H2S. 

Standard features include; two fully programmable alarm circuits per sensor, programmable analogue outputs, RS232 / RS485 communications and complete data-logging software.

The Rapidox 2112 - A Highly Versatile Multiplex Gas Sampling System

To enhance the Rapidox 7100 further, combine with the 
Rapidox 2112 Multiplex System. Available with 5, 10 or 15 independent gas inlet ports that are fed to a single gas outlet, allowing for multiple gas sources to be analysed sequentially.
Programmed and operated using the bespoke Rapidox software, the Rapidox 2112 Multiplex System integrates seamlessly with the Rapidox 7100. The Rapidox 2112 can also be used as a stand-alone device with manual operation.

For more information on the Rapidox 7100, please get in touch with our sales team by calling
 +44 (0)1480 46214 or emailing

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Rapidox 1100 oxygen gas analyser sale

Known for being cost effective, reliable and versatile, the Rapidox 1100 oxygen gas analyser has remained a firm favourite among the vast product line from Cambridge Sensotec. The Rapidox 1100 specialises in analysing low ppm levels or 100% oxygen with either zirconia or electrochemical sensors.
To celebrate the 15 years of excellence since the first Rapidox 1100 was sold, Cambridge Sensotec will be offering the remaining Rapidox 1100 with a 15% discount until the 31st October 2016. Ultimately, this will mark the end of the manufacture for the traditional Rapidox design, making way for the introduction of the newly redesigned Rapidox 1100 being launched later this year.
The Rapidox 1100 oxygen gas analyser range can be used for a wide range of applications such as medical and food packaging testing applications, welding and additive manufacturing chambers, metal heat treatment and monitoring inert atmospheres within solder reflow ovens.
Available with a choice of two electrochemical oxygen sensors, the Rapidox 1100 offers one for low ppm measurements of 1ppm to 1% and another for 1–100% oxygen range. Electrochemical sensors are ideal for applications where VOC’s or flammable gases are present in the gas sample.
Please call our sales team for more information on +44 (0)1480 46214 or by emailing With a fast turnaround time, the instrument can be delivered within a week of an order being placed! *
(*Applies to UK deliveries, overseas destinations may take longer).
To view the terms and conditions of this offer, please click here.

Cambridge Sensotec now has a live chat support. With a live web chat option via our website, we can ensure we can assist you as efficiently and as quickly as possible answering any queries you may have.